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3 East Coast Friends on Safari

1-8 July 2021: Roger, Sean & Patrick are on their first African safari with us. We met Sean at the Dallas Safari Club Convention a few years ago and it is great to finally have them on safari with us.

Their first day of hunting got off to a cracking start with all 2 hunters getting good Impala and late the afternoon Sean & Roger both hunted good Kudu bulls.

Day 2 & 3, saw Sean & Patrick hunting nice Bushbuck, duikers and Blesbok. Roger also hunted a good zebra, duiker and impala. 

Day 4: Roger hunted a good Springbok with a long shot, Sean hunted a good 2nd Impala and Patrick hunted a good Kudu bull late afternoon. 

Day 5: Chilly morning start and it was off to the Blaauwkrantz mountains for Patrick and Francois, by 11am, Patrick hunted a super Mountain Reedbuck ram.

Its fun having the happy hunters in camp and we are thoroughly enjoying their company.

04 Jul 2021