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Arnold Brothers reunited for Safari!

17-26 May 2018: Mike Arnold is a keen follower of Craig Boddington and picked up our name through Craig Boddinton's Endorsed Outfitters programme. It is good having brothers, Mike & Randy on safari with us, based on opposite sides of the USA they are reunited at Blaauwkrantz. Their first African safari.

17 May: Mike arrived in Port Elizabeth and PH Arnold traveled into the hinterland to hunt some of the mountain species. Ambitious hunt for Mike on his first African safari.

18 May: After a long hik, by 11am Mike made a good shot for a great Vaal Rhebuck. Not many first time African hunters shoot a Vaal Rhebuck on their first African safari. Mike has been intrigued by these small antelope for some time.

19 May: Brother Randy joined Mike at Blaauwkrantz. Mike hunted a great Cape Kudu late the afternoon. 

20 May: Both brothers enjoyed busy days in the veld. 

21 May: Mike hunted a good Red Hartebeest and Mountain Reedbuck late in the afternoon. 

22 May: Randy hunted a good Nyala early morning. Mike hunted a super Klipspringer in our mountains.

23 May: Randy hunted a white springbok, mountain reedbuck and Impala in our Karro veld. Mike got a super Cape Grysbok, testimony to keeping our predators under control, the smaller antelope have a chance to grow their numbers.

24 May: Wonderful weather, PH Francois and Randy hunted a super Waterbuck early in the morning. 

22 May 2018