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Austin Couple on Garden Route Safari

17-19 May 2018: Joseph & Kelsey were recommended to hunt with Blaauwkrantz by past clients, that if if they ever made a trip to Africa. A work opportunity arose to travel to the Dark Continent and it's was wonderful having them with us.

17 May: Barely had time to settle down in their room, the couple were out with PH Francois and just before dark, Joseph hunted a great Kudu bull. 

18 May: Early start and it was off to the plains to hunt a Gemsbok, after a long morning, Joseph hunted a good Gemsbok. Late the afternoon he hunted a good Impala.

19 May: Francois took them on a drive on our newly developed mountain area which they enjoyed thoroughly. Great having you with us, enjoye the Garden Route and Cape Town and we are sure you will be back at Blaauwkrantz. 

21 May 2018