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Baltimore Family return for hunting and touring

9-16 July 2021: This is John & Judy's 3rd hunt at Blaauwkrantz, son Jeff has returned for his second hunt and sister, Tracy has also joined them this time.

John & Jeff have been busy out in the field, taking some amazing trophies and having a good time. Judy & Tracy visited Addo & Schotia for a full day safari, visited the local cat sanctuary and went shopping for locally made mohair and leather products. 

John & Jeff have hunted super Golden Wildebeest, Black Impala, Warthog, Lechwe, Copper Springbok, Nyala and Impala.

Tracy & Judy left with a tour guide yesterday to do the garden route and spend a few days in Cape Town before being joined by John & Jeff. It's awesome having the family back at Blaauwkrantz! 

14 Jul 2021