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Blaauwkrantz and Drought Management

Presently Blaauwkrantz and its surrounding district is experiencing one of its worst droughts

in living memory.This said Blaauwkrantz has been able to absorb this natural disaster for a

number of reasons, namely:

1 Size of property – Animals can move in the 90 000 acre area and obtain sufficient feed to

maintain themselves and in the case of a number of the species even flourish.

2 Matching Stocking Rate to Carrying Capacity – We keep strict rainfall records so in

periods of below average rainfall we cull excess stock heavily thus giving our remaining

animals sufficient quality feed.

3 Diversity of Plants and Animals - This amazing diversity on Blaauwkrantz enables animals

of all shapes and sizes to utilize the vegetation to its full potential.

4 Past and Present Management Practises – The Blaauwkrantz management team has

always strived to be conservative in Veld utilization ensuring that there is always excess feed

left in the field stored for drought conditions.

4 Positive Attitude – We at Blaauwkrantz realise that rainfall is a phenomena that we can’t

control so we concentrate on the things we can control.We remain positive and proactive

and stay away from negativity which can be crippling in a business and a family.

There have been plenty of droughts in the past and there will be plenty more in the

future.We at Blaauwkrantz are a family and we are the business so our attitude is what

keeps us together in good times and in bad times.

10 Oct 2016