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Bob is back with friends!

21 April 17: We are always excited to have Bob return to Blaauwkrantz, every year he brings a group of friends and this year is no exception, a group of excited hunters arrived at the lodge on Sunday and discussed well into the night how they were going to approach the week's hunting. Most of the PH's were wiser and headed to bed after dinner.

22 April: Hunting started well with John Harrower taking a good Gemsbok in the morning. Mark del Sota hunted a good Blue Wildebeest. Sean Barton hunted a good Impala. Craig Pierrotti hunted a good Blesbuck, Impala and warthog. Bob hunted a good Kudu in the late afternoon. 

23 April: Another beautiful warm day. John Harrower hunted a good Impala ram. Exciting start for Sean as he shot a caracal in the early morning by chance and a Blue Wildebeest later. Craig Pierrotti hunted a good Springbok and a Gemsbok. Mark hunted an Impala. Tuesday afternoon turned out to be Kudu Tuesday with John, Craig, Mark & Sean all getting excellent Kudu bulls. John also hunted a Blue Wildebeest after his Kudu.

24 April: Early start for Bob & Francois as they traveled towards the coast where Bob hunted an exceptional Lechwe and Nyala! John hunted a good Cape Bushbuck and Black Wildebeest. Mark hunted a good Blesbuck & Ostrich. 
Late afternoon, John made an excellent 160 yard shot for a Brown Bush Duiker. 

25 April: Another beautiful day. John hunted a Blesbuck and warthog in the morning. Mark hunted a good Springbok and Gemsbok. Craig went out for a night drive and called in a jackal! 

26 April: Early morning start for John & PH Philip, John hunted a good Red Hartebeest and Springbok! 

27 & 28 April: Bob hunted a beautiful and old Sable trophy. The guys finished up their hunts culling a few ostriches etc. 

29 April: It was wonderful having everyone with us this week, they had a great week's hunting and we are looking forward to return visit next year!

Click on the Wallace Group Gallery to see all their photos! 

23 May 2017