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Bushpig Report 2016

With a few more bushpig hunters on their way, Blaauwkrantz has once again proven itself to be the no.1 bushpig destination worldwide, with no fewer than 17 trophy bushpigs hunted so far this year. At least two of these were hunted in broad daylight, something that does not happen very often in the bushpig underworld. The Hogslam award has truly become an esteemed accolade, gaining more and more recognition as the list of hunters it is bestowed upon. The Hogslam  is awarded to hunters successfully completing the chase for the duo of our wild swine species, the bushpig and warthog.

With one of the worst droughts in living memory, there have been many carcasses of dead animals to compete with the baits,so things weren’t easy. After years of refining the process, we managed to get almost every hunter their bushpig barring one, Ray Cadiz , from cape Town, who will certainly be back again. Staying true to our trophy hunting objectives only mature, adult animals are targeted. Bushpigs are probably one of the hardest game species to target anywhere in the world, and targeting a big pig is a hunting endeavor second to none. Because we have protected and conserved our natural vegetation, which is dense thicket, we have naturally conserved indigenous species such as bushpigs, bushbuck, duikers and kudu. Bushpigs like all the other game species, are valued and we thus ensure their conservation through the hunting value they provide. Wildlife, as a resource, has to compete with domesticated livestock to ensure sustainability of any commercial farming operation on private land.

We look forward to at least two more bushpig hunters this year, another South African, and a Danish hunter returning for his second bushpig hunt in as many years. Watch our website and Eardley’sinstagram account: @eardleyrudman – “The HogFather” for updates.


Good hunting,

Eardley Rudman

19 Oct 2016