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Californian Father & Daughters having Great Success!

26 June 17: Dave Seeno and his daughters, Skylar & Sage arrived on Monday, all ready for an action packed safari. Dave contacted us a few months ago and his wish was to bring his daughters and hunt some species the Eastern Cape has to offer and PH Eardley is ready for the challenge. 

27 June: Hunting started well with Dave hunting a Bontebok, Copper Springbok and White Blesbuck

28 White: The girls hunted an Impala & Blesbuck. Dave wounded a Kudu and Alfie bayed the great Kudu

29 June: Early morning start and Dave got a good Blue Duiker in the coastal forests. Thursday evening he hunted a Cape Grysbok and Brown Bush Duiker.

30 June: Slightly warmer day today, Dave hunted a super South African Lechwe and a 40" Sable bull! Well done so far on a good 4 days hunting. And Happy Birthday Dave! Great way to celebrate your birthday.

1 July: Sage hunted a beautiful Nyala and were fortunate enough to get her trophy with the help of Alfie! 

2 July: Early morning start and they set off for the Klein Winterhoek mountains on Blaauwkrantz, where Dave hunted a good Klipspringer. Later the afternoon they hunted a good Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest and in last light a bushpig at the bait! Well done. 

3 July: This morning they hunted a good Blue Wildebeest. They also hunted a cull Impala, warthog, monkey and late afternoon, Dave hunted a good Black Impala, our first to be hunted on Blaauwkrantz! 

Well done and wonderful having Dave and his daughters with us! The pleasure was ours. 

30 Jun 2017