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Clay celebrates his 24th birthday on safari!

9-17 July 17: Clay met Francois at the Dallas Safari Convention in January this year and 6 months later, he joins us for his first African safari.

10 July: Happy birthday Clay, celebrating his 24th birthday in style by hunting a great Kudu bull at first light and a warthog shortly after! Well done! 

11 July: Another cracker of a day for Clay, he hunted a good Duiker first thing in the morning and later an Impala.

12 July: Beautiful winter's morning, and PH Philip, Clay and tracker, Neville headed out to our northern territory. The hunt worked perfectly with Clay hunting a great Gemsbok. Late the afternoon Clay hunted his second Impala ram! A wonderful evening was spent at our Chalet Mountain Lodge with some friends visiting the Rudman's from Cape Town.

13 July: Today was spent searching for one horned kudu bulls and cull impala rams. Clay managed to have a shot at an impala ram but spent the rest of the afternoon looking for it with Alfie, Neville & Philip. 

14 July: Crist beautiful morning and Clay hunted a few rock rabbits! 

15 July: Clay hunted a cull impala ram in the area where our black impala are running, so we are culling all our common impala in that area. Late afternoon Clay  hunted a very old cull kudu bull. 

Well done Clay on a great hunt and thank you for hunting with our family! 

10 Jul 2017