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Couple on a super hunt!

3-10 September 2021: We met Kevin & Lelani at the Salt Lake Hunting Expo a few years ago and finally post-Covid they are able to join us on their hunt.

Their hunt started in grand style on Saturday morning with Lelani hunting an excellent Kudu bull and later in the afternoon both Kevin & Lelani hunted good Impala rams. 

On Sunday, Kevin took a long shot and hunted a great Blesbok. 

Monday morning, it was off to the northern area of Blaauwkrantz and Kevin took a caracal by chance and a very good Springbok ram.

Tuesday & Wednesday was spent searching for Warthog, by late Wednesday afternoon, Kevin wounded a warthog. Early Thursday morning they set off back to the warthog area and after a 2 day hike, Kevin found his warthog! 

Last hunting day, late Thursday afternoon, Lelani hunted a super Blue Wildebeest to finish off a great safari.

Friday morning, Lelani & Kevin departed for Schotia before ending their safari in Port Elizabeth for a few days.

01 Sep 2021