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Covid 19 message from our family

A personal message from the Rudman family

Greetings to you as we in South Africa, enter our 5th day of the historic lockdown, we wanted to check in with you all. We still have another 16 days of lockdown, and currently we are on 1280 positive cases of the Covid-19 virus in South Africa and only 2 deaths, the world is definitely in challenging and uncertain times.

Understandably, this crisis has had a dramatic impact on the tourism and hunting industry in South Africa. Fortunately, the wildlife industry is exempt from lockdown and we may function as per normal tending to our animals and having everything around our lodges in place, so that we can be up and running as soon as the travel ban is lifted to South Africa. It is a pleasure being out in the veld in all its glory after the wonderful summer & fall rains we have had.

We have been in touch with our clients who were to hunt during the first half of the season and they are welcome to join us towards the end of this season or rollover their deposits to 2021. If anyone is considering booking for 2021 should let us know their dates sooner than later as 2021 will be busy!

This is first and foremost a humanitarian crisis and then an economic one second. We have asked our staff and their families to stay on our property and not travel to town unnecessarily for possible infection of them and their families. Zani is online and will answer any questions that any of you may have.

Our wish to our friends all over the world, is to stay safe, stay healthy and every cloud has a silver lining. We look forward to having you back at Blaauwkrantz or here for the first time, to enjoy the great outdoors and hunting, the way life is to be lived!

Kind Regards

The Rudman Family

30 Mar 2020