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Dallas Family on Safari

18-26 June 17: Mark McHenry emailed us just over a year ago and enquired about hunting Africa! Turned out, Blaauwkrantz was perfect for him to bring his son & wife on safari.

They arrived on Sunday and settled into the lodge.

19 June: Great start to the hunt, with Mark hunting a good Cape Kudu with PH Philip. Cameraman, Henco is joining them on the hunt. Late afternoon, son, Cade hunted a good Impala.

20 June: Mark's turn to hunt a very good Impala. Quite a chilly day for Blaauwkrantz standards. Late afternoon, son Cade wounded a Kudu, quite a high shot, but hopefully Alfie will track it down in the morning.

21 June: No luck on the spoor for Cade's Kudu. Later in the day, Mark hunted a good Blue Wildebeest and Bushbuck. Marcy went to Port Elizabeth shopping with the other ladies. 

22 June: Early morning start and they traveled to the northern area of Blaauwkrantz. Here Mark hunted a great Gemsbok. Later the day was spent looking for a Blesbuck, but they proved to be quite tricky.

23 June: Chilly morning but finally Cade hunted a good Blesbuck ram. Marcy joined the other ladies to go on an elephant back safari. Mark hunted a Duiker and porcupine at night

24 June: Cade hunted a good Duiker in the evening. 

25 June: Last day of hunting. Marcy joined the rest of the crew shopping in Port Elizabeth. Mark & Cade decided to hunt their last day. Early morning and Cade hunted a good Bushbuck ram on a very chilly morning. The afternoon Philip decided to go back to the area where Cade wounded his Kudu on Tuesday. A sure as nuts, the same Kudu bull was out grazing, Cade settled into a steady rest and got his Kudu bull! 

Well done, great week of hunting with the McHenry's, wonderful having them with us and we look forward to a return visit in the future. 

20 Jun 2017