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Danish clients returns for 11th safari

25 February - 6 March: Fihl Jensen has hunted numerous times with us and he has brought his son, Martin with him again and his friend Jens. 

On the first day, Jens hunted an excellent Bushbuck in the morning and a super Kudu in the late afternoon. 

Second day of safari, they hunted a cull impala and Steenbok in the late afternoon. 

Third day: Hunted a few cull Impala and on a night drive a porcupine.

Fourth day: Eardley and the crew traveled up to the mountains of Graaff-Reinet where Fihl hunted a magnificent Hartmann's Zebra. They also enjoyed seeing the history and beauty of Graaff-Reinet.

Fifth day: A good Springbok was hunted in the northern area of Blaauwkrantz and another cull Impala and took a trip on the mountain and saw plenty of Waterbuck and Klipspringer. 

Sixth day: Traveled to Leopard Lodge and spent an evening in our rustic lodge and BBQ'd. A few more cull impala were hunted.

Seventh day: traveled back to Blaauwkrantz and been on the lookout for warthog. No monsters to be seen.

Eighth day: still no monster warthog to be found. Wonderful last day seeing lots of game.

Ninth day: Departure day for the team, it was great having Fihl & Martin with us and glad Jens had a good hunt. Till next time!

28 Feb 2019