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Danish Father & Sons Summer Safari

11-16 January 2020: Our 2020 hunting season started with a bang in the heat, with our old client, Peter bringing his 3 awesome sons to hunt with us again. Their first safari was in 2006 and he has been back multiple times with the boys. 

His main objective on this hunt was a remake of their nyala trophy hunted 14 years ago with another version in 2020. Although conditions were very dry, they had a great hunt. Taking a Nyala, 3 Kudu bulls, 3 Impala, Blesbok, Mountain Reedbuck, White Springbok and cull impala. 

Fortunately since last week we have had 60mm of rain and the veld has immediately responded. Green tinges all round, we will be watching the grass grow over the next few weeks.

21 Jan 2020