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Father & Son Return!

14 July 2017: Ross & Mason hunted with us 3 years ago and its great having them back at Blaauwkrantz. They have spent 2 weeks in South Africa, traveling up to the Kruger Park and spending a week in Cape Town! Francois picked them up at the airport and we are looking forward to a great hunt. 

15 July 17: Beautiful day out but nothing in the bag today.

16 July: Ross & Mason were out early with PH Francois and Ross took a far shot for a male baboon. Cold day today.

17 July: Very chilly morning and with some luck and the help of Alfie, Mason got a good Nyala. Late afternoon dad, Ross hunted a good White Blesbuck

18 July: Early morning start and off to our northern area. Ross hunted an Impala and Mason a good Springbok. Well done fellows, off to the bushpig bait tonight. No luck at the Bushpig bait. 

19 July: Another great day with Mason hunting an Impala and unfortunately wounding a Kudu. Another evening at the bushpig bait with no luck. 

20 July: Springbok slam today, with father & son, hunting a white springbok, copper springbok and black springbok. Copper springbuck shot 265 yards.

21 July: On the 3rd night sitting out for the bushpig and in total of 9 hours sitting out, the boar finally arrived and Mason shot a great 165lb bushpig. 

22 July: Today they bagged a monkey and had a great BBQ at the mountain lodge with the rest of the Rudman family.

23 July: Ross hunted a Kudu and Mason a porcupine. 

24 July: This morning Francois is taking them shopping in Port Elizabeth. 


18 Jul 2017