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Final safari for the season!

20-27 October 19: We met Alex at the Salt Lake City Hunting Expo and finally he is on safari with his adult son's, Ken & Ray hunting our Father & Son package. 21 October: Monday was their first hunting day and Ken hunted a good Kudu bull late the afternoon and an Impala cull ram in the morning. Dad, Alex hunted a Blesbok. 

22 October 19: Tuesday morning was spent retrieving the Kudu bull out of the veld and a visit to the Cheetah and wild cat sanctuary. Late the afternoon second son, Ray hunted 2 cull Impala and dad an Impala ram

23 October 19: Wednesday morning it was off to the northern area of Blaauwkrantz where Alex with a long range shot a Springbok ram! Later the afternoon they hunted 2 duiker and an impala. 

22 Oct 2019