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Grandpa & Grandsons Safari

Jay Brasher & Ken Woolley from Utah have joined us with their grandsons, Hunter, Brock & Joshua. Jay hunted with us for the first time way back in 1993. This is his 5th hunt with our family and he bought the donation we made to the American Indian Foundation of our Spiral Slam Package! 

26 July 17: Early arrival in Port Elizabeth and by noon everyone had had breakfast and set in their rifles. The afternoon Jay hunted a magnificent Nyala bull. Joshua hunted a good Gemsbok. A superb leg of springbok was for supper.

27 July: Breezy cool morning. Joshua hunted a Cape Eland. Hunter hunted a good Duiker. Brock shot a good Duiker, Nyala and late afternoon a good Kudu bull. Grandfather Ken was the lucky hunter, getting an amazing Sable bull and hunting a massive 54.5" gold medal East Cape Kudu bull. Well done, showing that breeding in sustainable herds, trophy quality is protected!

28 July: Early morning start and Hunter shot a good Bushbuck ram. It was Hunter's day as he also hunted a super Kudu bull late afternoon.

29 July: Breezy start to the day, Hunter got a good White Springbok and Gemsbok. Oupa, Jay got a good Red Hartebeest. Brock hunted a good Cape Grysbok during the day, they aren't often spotted during the day. 
But Ken Woolley hunted a big & old Cape Buffalo in the afternoon, well done Ken! 

30 July: Philip took everyone to our local LDS church and they had a great morning in fellowship with our local community. Then it was off to the Addo Elephant Park!

31 July: A good day's hunting, Brock getting a Gemsbok and White Springbok. Josh hunted a good Kudu bull with Eardley and his grandfather! 

1 August: Finally Brock got a good Cape Bushbuck after sitting out for over 1.5 hours for the ram to step out from behind the bush. Farewell to Ken whom departed today. Everyone had something to eat and got geared up to go bushpig hunting at the baits. By 6.45pm, PH Eric and Brock got a bushpig and by 7.30pm PH Philip and Hunter got a very good boar! Unfortunately PH Eardley and Josh never had luck, only more of a reason to return Josh! 

2 August: Wonderful having the Brasher's and Woolley's with us, we look forward to seeing you all soon! 

27 Jul 2017