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International Wildlife Ranching Symposium - Namibia

The International wildlife ranching symposium was held in Windhoek, Namibia mid September and Arthur and

Trinette attended. There were 22 international and local speakers. The venue was the Safari Hotels and

the organization by well known conservation experts, Prof van Hooven, Dr. Dry and Dr. Peter Oberem

and others was fantastic.

It is amazing how exotic game to various countries have been accepted as native game all over the world

except South Africa

Today human management is the important issue rather than believing game can be left to nature to

fend for themselves as the world has become overpopulated with modern infrastructure.Cites having

their international 4 yearly conference in South Africa at present has many doubts. It is alleged that

money voting NGO’s are being bought by the ‘Greenies’ to sway votes.

Ranching has outstripped government’s nature conservation controlled departments – retarding

growth. Ranching in South Africa has been accepted by the Department of Agriculture as an agricultural

activity and to be governed as wild ‘livestock’. The next international wildlife ranching symposium will

be in Spain

10 Oct 2016