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Keith returns for 3rd safari!

11-19 August 2017: Keith Halstead hunted with us for the first time back in 1997, he returned in 2008 and we are thrilled to have him back for his 3rd safari now.

First two days were slow but on Monday, the hunt fell into place and Keith hunted a good Copper Springbok. After a bite to eat, Keith, PH Philip and Eardley set out for the bushpig bait. The wind died down and by 7pm Keith hunted  a big trophy bushpig! Well done Keith.

Now it's time to hunt with Keith's cross bow for the next 4 days! 

Day 1 of the cross bow hunt, Keith wounded a very good Cape Kudu bull, afternoon was spent searching for it.

Day 2 Early morning search for the kudu bull we discovered where the kudu had a rest and took off again. Enough time spent for now on the search back to a hide. Late afternoon, Keith hunted a good Impala with his cross bow! Well done.

15 Aug 2017