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South African Tracker of the Year

PHASA Tracker of the year award

The South African tracker of the year award was awarded to our Blaauwkrantz born and raised ‘Jumbo’ Mzwabantu Grootboom. We are very proud of him and we have enjoyed watching him master his tracking, skinning, client relationships, sharp spotting skills. Here are a few excerpts from our client’s motivational letters for the award:

My son Tanner and I had a great time hunting with you and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed hunting with Jumbo, our tracker! His tracking ability and the speed in which he does it, is beyond impressive, not to mention his tenacity! He tracked my son’s wounded Kudu through brush and thorn bushes, dogs couldn’t get through! He would not quit and found it even though the thorns and thick brush he traveled through completely destroyed his jacket! I don’t even know how to describe his eyesight. His eyesight is truly remarkable! He also made sure we always had what we needed! We never had to lift a finger, he was always there! We had a really good time talking with him as well, as we drove around!
He was by far the best tracker I have ever hunted with! Thank you all again for a wonderful time!
Larry Taylor
Driftwood, Texas

It was a real pleasure to hunt with Jumbo! He is very polite and professional. His spotting ability is incredible! He has a special ability to spot animals and can distinguish quickly if the animal is a nice trophy or if we should pass. He is very knowledgeable about each animal species and was helpful to educate us about them. I attribute the success that my son Spencer and I had to our PH (Eric) and Jumbo. They are a great team and work well together. Jumbo is always eager to do his very best for his clients. He truly wants his clients to succeed and does his best to make them happy. We had such a great time hunting with you and hope to come back soon. When we come back we certainly want Jumbo for our tracker! I wish Jumbo and his family the best! Thanks again for the great memories. I continue to spread the word about blaauwkrantz safaris and hope to send many friends and relatives your way.
Brian Warren

Jumbo? Oh, how I miss him and Eric! Please give them both my best regards! They were such a team! Which brings me to what I consider to be Jumbo’s first attribute: to me Jumbo always stood out as an extremely reliable team player. He always came across to me as an important element in the hunting team effort. Apart from being a “go-getter” and “always switched on”, Jumbo was also outstandingly competent, efficient, serious and downright professional. I hunted with Jumbo for three consecutive years at Blaauwkrantz and I would not hesitate to recommend him. He and Eric formed such a formidable team that made each and every hunt an unforgettable experience. 
Stefan Frendo

I just like to inform you that Daniel and I strongly recommend Jumbo as the tracker of the year in PHASA. We hunted with Jumbo and Eric in July 2021 as you know and we had an amazing experience where we shot a total of 15 animals. All the trophy animals were really good. One of them qualified for Rowlands Ward. Jumbo has an excellent knowledge of the ground and he can see the animals way before anyone else. He is very professional as a tracker and thanks to him there were very few blank stalks. Jumbo is also a very nice person and both me and Daniel got along very well with him.
Jan & Daniel

13 Dec 2022