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Texan hunters return

13 - 23 May 22: Our good friend, Alan, from Texas has returned for his 6th safari at Blaauwkrantz and brought Ian back to Blaauwkrantz and a new friend, Robin. 

Hunting has been going well in beautiful weather. Alan has hunted a great Nyala & Black Impala. Robin is hunting our Super 7 package and has taken a good Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Blesbok, Gemsbok. Ian has hunted a good warthog. 

Alan and Ian have headed to the mountains for a few days, while Ian is completing his Super 7. Ian hunted a good Common Reedbuck and Fallow Deer in the mountains while Alan hunted a nice Mountain Reedbuck. Late Tuesday afternoon, Alan hunted a warthog! 

Wednesday morning, Robin hunted a good Common Springbok. Ian hunted a good Golden Wildebeest in our mountains. 

Ian hunted a good Springbok, Kudu and more cull impalas. Robin completed his Super 7 package by getting his duiker. Alan finished his hunt off on a high with a great Golden Wildebeest on his last day! Well done gentlemen for a great hunt. 

16 May 2022