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Texas Family on Safari

17-24 June 2018: We met Travis and Kim Dodson at the Dallas Safari Club Convention in 2016. It's wonderful having their family on safari with us.

18 June: Hunting started well with Tanis getting a Duiker in the morning. Afternoon it was off to sit out for Kudu, upon arrival, the Kudu were out in full force already, Tanis made a shot, wounded a bull but with the help of Alfie, the tracking hound, retrieved a great old bull. 

19 June: This morning in blustery coniditions, Travis, hunted a good duiker. 

20 & 21 June: The Dodson's had a field day yesterday with Kim taking a Nyala, Tanis, Travis and Tyler taking Impala and in the evening Travis took a good Duiker. Thursday morning, Kim hunted a good Blesbuck.


19 Jun 2018