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Upstate New York Couple on safari

Francois met Ron & Loretta Mulson at the Dallas Safari Club Convention in January of this year. Ron wanted to complete his 'Tiny 10' and chose Blaauwkrantz Safaris as his outfit to do so with.

Earldey picked them up on Sunday, the 10th of September. No luck for the first 2 nights looking for Grysbok but on the 3rd night, Ron hunted a good Cape Grysbok ram. Ron also hunted a good Blue Duiker. 

Ron & Loretta were very generous and donated a printer, stationery and sports equipment to our local farm school! Thank you very much.

Loretta joined Trinette shopping in Port Elizabeth and they attended the local school's steak dinner with the Rudman Family!

We look forward to a return safari next September.


20 Sep 2017