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USA Medical Student on Safari

22-28 April 2017: John and a few of his fellow student spent 3 weeks in Cape Town doing an internship at Groote Schuur Hospital and gained some valuable experience in all fields of medicine.

John arrived on Saturday morning and by late Saturday afternoon hunted a good Impala.

We are looking forward to spending the next week with John!

Monday was spent looking for Kudu but no luck, although saw plenty of bulls but they were over 300 yards. Late on Monday afternoon, while sitting out for Duiker, they saw a nice ram, but just behind it, Philip & John spotted a caracal stalking the duiker, john took a shot at the caracal and it jumped into a bush. Thinking it was dead, after sitting out further for duiker, they went to pick it up and the caracal ran away.

Fortunately on Tuesday morning they found the caracal still alive and John got his animal. He also hunted a good Kudu bull. 

Wednesday they are off for Gemsbuck!

23 Apr 2017