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Utah Group have joined us!

12-20 May 18: Dave Butts of Dave's Taxidermy, Willard and our family go back almost 20 years. This year, Dave is joined by his wife, Laurel. daughter, Sarah, brother, Doug and friends Mike & Gigi Brough, Shane Hill and Tony Lunday. 

13 May: Hunting started off well for Tony and he hunted an Impala. Shane hunted 2 Impala. Mike wounded a Kudu. Dave and his family visited the Addo Elephant Park.

14 May: Tracking hound, Alfie did a great job and tracked down the wounded Kudu, Mike got a very good bull. Shane hunted a good Blesbuck. Doug hunted a great Impala ram and Tony a good Springbok on the plains. Late afternoon, Tony sat in the Kudu blind and just before dark he hunted a very good Kudu bull, well done! 
PH Eardley & Mike were out at the bushpig blind and patience is a virtue, just after 10pm, the pigs came out and Mike made a good shot for a big boar!  Well done.

15 May: Beautiful crisp morning. Doug & Tony both hunted Blesbuck rams. Young Sarah hunted a good Impala on a walk & stalk hunt. Mike hunted a good Gemsbok. Shane got a nice Duiker. Dave sat out with his bowa at a blind and had a shot at a Nyala bull just before dark. He left it and will go to find it first light in the morning. 

16 May: Warmer morning but still fresh. Tony hunted an impressive Blue Wildebeest. Dave found his handsome Nyala, well done! Mike hunted a good Gemsbok in the morning and late afternoon a very old Eland bull. In last light Doug hunted a great Kudu bull and so did Sarah. End to a wonderful day!  

17 May: Good start to the morning, bit wamer than yesterday, estimated high to be about 75F today. Doug hunted a great second Impala while actuallys talking a Duiker but the Kudu barked and the duiker fled and an good Impala was left standing. Tony has had a good morning so far taking a Bushbuck and a Duiker. Not bad for before 9am!

14 May 2018