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Virginian Father & sons having a great hunt!

31 May 17: We welcome Gary Geiger from Virginia. Gary joins us before his sons arrive on the 5th of June. 

1 June 17: Gary had a great first day of hunting and got a beautiful Nyala.

2 June 17: Perfect still morning and PH Eardley, camerman Tanner McFarland along with tracker, Jeffrey Priest set out on the duggaboy spoor. After about an hour they made it to the buffalo bulls, all grazing together and waiting his turn to make his shot, the bull stepped out. Gary made a great single 160 metre shot for a very impressive and old buffalo bull! 

3 & 4 June 17: Hunting has been going well and Gary hunted an amazing Sable bull, 43" !

5 June 17: Early morning start, good crisp morning and PH Eardley and Gary headed out to the north western area of Blaauwkrantz and before 9am, Gary hunted an excellent Kudu bull! 
This afternoon Gary's sons, Joe & Jeff arrive, we are looking forward to having them join their dad for the next 6 days! 

6 June 17: Warm day out, 30 degrees celcius. Jeff unexpectedly hunted a good Cape Grysbok in the morning, they are very rarely spotted during the day and a cull Impala ram.

7 June 17: Early morning, Joe hunted a nice Impala ram in very windy conditions as a cold front  is expected to make landfall this evening. No rain expected only cold temperatures. Later the morning Joe hunted a good Kudu bull.

8 June 17: Joe hunted a very good Cape Bushbuck in cold, windy condition. Brother Jeff hunted a good Kudu and Impala this morning! Well done fellows!


02 Jun 2017