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Wyoming Family on Safari

4-11 July 22: Mike, from Wyoming and his son, Chris, hunted with us 10 years ago. Mike returned this year with his wife, Pam, other son Matt and his wife Deana. 

On Mike's birthday on Tuesday, he hunted a magnificent Sable. Matt hunted a good Impala to finish a raining first day of hunting. We are looking forward to the next few days of hunting with our friends from Wyoming. 

Wednesday was a busy day for Mike, he hunted a big and old Eland bull and a Gemsbok. Matt was after a kudu bull, seeing many kudu, the right bull didn't present itself. 

Thursday morning Matt hunted a good Kudu bull and a springbok. Mike hunted a Nyala bull. Well done guys.

Friday morning the ladies went shopping.

05 Jul 2022