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Bushpig Hunting

The Bushpigs of Blaauwkrantz

Blaauwkrantz is located in the heart of the East Cape Valley Bushveldt. This is a very unique habitat that is limited to a relatively small geographic location of the South Western part of the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. In its natural form this type of thicket biome, that is made up of a large variety of unique plants include grasses,succulent shrubs,thorny shrubs, cactus and stunted trees. Due to the erratic and relatively low rainfall of the area these plants have adapted themselves to survive extreme conditions. The plants with Thorns and small and/or succulent leaves have enabled the vegetation to withstand severe heat and cold. Where the habitat has been modified  it opens up to form grassy, as pseudo savanna type setting.

This natural thicket  forms an impenetrable thicket of thorns and succulent which makes it the ideal habitat for game animals that seek refuge in this vegetated cover. These species include the East Cape kudu, Cape bushbuck, Cape Grysbok, blue and common duikers as well as the very shy bushpig. These animals seek refuge on the well vegetated ridges of this habitat during the day and move to lower lying draws or “kloofs” during the evenings.The bushpig that does not stand very tall on its short, powerful legs ,and along with its coarse,dark coat, makes it one of the stealthiest game animals to target.

Privately owned Blaauwkrantz Ranch is home to a vast tract of this unspoilt thicket biome and the wildlife that resides in it, and thanks to the value that sport hunters attach to these game species, we at Blaauwkrantz protect these animals and their habitat with relentless commitment.Even species that have no direct or extrinsicvalue, are preserved by this principle. Eardley has always been of the opinion that bushpigs are one of the most underrated game species, and to target one is one is an endeavor often “swept under the carpet” by many PH’s and outfitters in favour of species that are easier  to target. Bushpigs are not as easy on the eye as the likes of sable, nyala or gemsbok,  but most definitely make up for this shortfall in by superbly eluding prospective pursuers. Eardley has been working hard at baiting bushpigs which has led to Blaauwkrantz Safaris toproudly be one of the most consistent outfits to target bushpigs as well as the other species it is famous for.

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