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The Blaauwkrantz Hogslam 

Blaauwkrantz’s extensive rangeland is blessed with prime habitat for bushpigs and warthogs, with the dense valley  bushveldt providing the omnivorous  bushpigs a large variety of food and warthogs with the fine, sweet grass that grows as undergrowth.

Bushpigs are indigenous wild pigs that occur naturally on Blaauwkrantz, and although they can be very aggressive, are notoriously secretive and shy. Targeting a trophy bushpig is an endeavor that is not often advertised, much due to the relative degree of difficulty that this challenge poses. Together with warthogs, Blaauwkrantz offers hunters a rather unique opportunity to target these two swine species at the same destination with a relative degree of success. Both species have thriving populations on the extensive rangeland of Blaauwkrantz. Targeting trophies for either makes for an interesting challenge with two very contrasting methods employed.  Bushpigs remain in the thick cover during the daylight hours that may give a hunter just a fleeting glimpse of an opportunity to shoot during this time. Warthogs are more diurnal in habits and venture out in the open to feed when temperatures are comfortable for their rather bare skins. Being omnivorous, bushpigs can be baited to target larger individuals or by method of baying with hounds which is less specific. Warthogs are hunted mainly by spot and stalk and the larger tuskers make up a relatively small percentage of the total population, which makes for very exciting hunting too. Warthog and bushpig make excellent eating and we love braaing (barbecuing) sausage and roasting legs from their unique tasting meat which is very unlike pork.

The Blaauwkrantz  Hogslam award has gained much fame, or ‘hogriety’, since its inception almost a decade ago with no fewer than 50 hunters receiving this prestigious award.  Amongst the recent celebrated recipients of the award have been acclaimed writer and journalist, Craig Boddington (2015) and Dallas Safari Club President, Karl Evans (2015).  

Blaauwkrantz Safaris is proud to be a leading outfitter when it comes to targeting trophy bushpigs and to follow matters relating to hogs and their habitat read