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Hunting Information

We are able to hunt the entire year, but the most popular time is mid-March to end of September. At Blaauwkrantz Safaris we offer you a choice of hunting options. Clients can hunt off the Trophy Price List on a Daily Rate; alternatively, you can choose a package or we can tailor make a package for your needs. While trophies and days can be added to the existing packages, substituting of trophies is discouraged. We do NOT charge VAT on packages.

Most of our hunting is undertaken using the ‘spot and stalk, ‘stand’ and ‘still’ method and our hunts are fair-chase.  Shots vary between 100-300 yards, we urge you to practice shooting from the long bipod shooting sticks that are commonly used here.

Because such a large quantity of game can be found on Blaauwkrantz, we prefer to limit the amount of travelling while on safari. Clients also enjoy travelling to Springvale, our mountain lodge, Asante Sana, Karoo lodge, to hunt species not commonly found on here.

Our tracking hounds form an invaluable part of the team, particularly where trophy animals have been wounded. The use of dogs increases our recovery by 90%.