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Travel Arrangements

Clients are collected and dropped off at the Port Elizabeth airport and this is a free service. We suggest flying into either Johannesburg or Cape Town and catching a connecting flight to Port Elizabeth (final destination). Flights are to be booked from the client's country of departure. South African Airways has 2 flights daily from the USA, from JFK and Washington Dulles. Delta has 1 flight out of Atlanta daily. Consider taking out insurance for trip cancellation and loss of personal affects.

Blaauwkrantz lodge is only a 45-minute drive north of the Port Elizabeth airport. Pick up and drop off from the airport is not included as a hunting day.

A valid passport is required and check that you have 2 blank pages in your passport. No visa is required for US citizens traveling to South Africa.

New laws travelling with Children

All minors under the age of 18 need an unabridged birth certificate (both parents names appear on the birth certificate) to enter South Africa.
If the child is traveling with only one parent, the absent parent needs to send a signed affidavit giving permission for the child to travel with the other parent.
If both parents are absent, both must sign affidavits giving permission & ID documents for the child to travel with the adult given permission to.


While ensuring all reasonable care and maintaining precautions for the safety of clients, Blaauwkrantz Safaris accepts no responsibility for any illness, accident or loss arising from any cause whatsoever. We strongly recommend an all-over insurance policy prior to arrival in South Africa. We do have medical insurance cover to have an instant response medical team to collect a client by helicopter should an accident occur. A private hospital, doctors and pharmacies are 20 minutes drive from Blaauwkrantz.

Medical + Security Evacuation Services

Global Rescue is the premier provider of medical, security, advisory and evacuation services worldwide.  The life-saving value of these services can’t be overstated.  If you become ill or injured while traveling and require inpatient hospitalization, Global Rescue will come get you, by any means necessary and evacuate you to your home country hospital of choice. Their Field Rescue teams deploy worldwide to the most remote regions, regularly saving lives.  For more information, please call (800) 381-9754 within the U.S., +1 (617) 459-4200 outside the U.S., or visit their website.